The Greatest Hits, and Misses, of an Image-Learning AI

Thanks to the supercomputer that is our brain, we can make lightning-fast inferences and associations between images and situations. For a real computer, though, the same task is a bit harder. That kind of advanced visual processing requires significant artificial intelligence (AI) — the ability to perform humanlike cognitive tasks such as reasoning, generalizing and learning from past experience.


Yet, since summer 2013, NEIL — the Never Ending Image Learner — has been hard at work at Carnegie Mellon University analyzing and forming relationships between images from all over the Internet. The better the system gets, the closer we are to truly powerful AI and a new era of smart technology.

Made up of two computer clusters housing a total of 200 processing cores, NEIL is programmed to organize its database into three categories: objects (such as computer or Corolla), scenes (alley or church) and attributes (blue or modern).

Researchers left NEIL to itself to analyze online images, using an algorithm that allows it to build connections — the heart of its AI. Those

Cyber Warriors Need Not Be Soldiers

Throughout history, warriors of all cultures have trained their bodies to endure physical hardship and combat, whether they wielded swords and shields or carried guns and ammunition. In the 21st century, countries such as China and Estonia have recruited a new breed of warriors who fight as part of cyber militias rather than as official military personnel in uniform. Such cyber warriors often represent civilians with high-tech jobs who spend their days tapping away at keyboards rather than practicing how to accurately shoot an assault rifle or pass fitness tests. A number of U.S. military officers and national security experts say that the United States also needs to begin recruiting tech-savvy civilians without requiring them to become traditional soldiers.


The U.S. military has trained a growing number of uniformed cyber warriors. But it faces a special challenge in recruiting a certain caliber of computer professionals who would rather work at high-paying jobs in Silicon Valley than enlist for military service. That issue came up during a session of the “Future of War” conference hosted by the New America Foundation on Feb. 25, when an audience member asked

Google Steps Away from Humanoid Robot PR Problem

Google has not been shy about placing big bets on the future of robotics and artificial intelligence. But even the Silicon Valley giant may not feel ready to fully embrace humanoid robots and the uncomfortable questions they pose about the relationship between machines and humanity.


Several robots shaped like humanoids or four-legged creatures were being developed by Boston Dynamics, a robotics company bought by Google for $500 million at the end of 2013. For years, Boston Dynamics has been famous for posting online videos showing its walking robots maintaining their balance despite being kicked and shoved by the company’s human employees. One of the latest videos of the Atlas humanoid robot, published in February 2016, triggered a slew of YouTube comments that described the robot as “terrifying” or referenced Hollywood’s “Terminator” films about an artificial intelligence called Skynet destroying humanity. Such reactions apparently made Google’s public-relations team wary of wading into the online debate, according to Bloomberg News.

“There’s excitement from the tech press, but we’re also starting to see some negative threads about it being terrifying, ready to take humans’ jobs,” wrote Courtney Hohne, a director of communications

How to Care for Crystal Glass Featuring 3D Etching

Crystal glass is a smooth and luxurious material to work with despite its relatively affordable cost, especially when it comes to the 3D etching technique. It can last for years – if not decades – with the right care. So without further ado, here are quite a few practical tips to help you do just that.

1. Carefully package the item when in transit – you will need to protect glass items with 3D etching designs from two dangers while travelling: trauma and abrasion. This is why cotton balls make for excellent packaging material when it comes to crystal glass. They not only help protect the item from breaking or chipping when hit hard, but they are also soft enough not to damage the delicate surface of the glass.

2. Prepare distilled water for cleaning – ordinary tap water may contain minute traces of dust or dirt that can scratch the surface of the item in question. This also solves the problem of chemical or mineral build-ups that would obscure the 3D etching designs hidden inside the crystal glass. Granted, the glass will only fade out if exposed to high chemical concentrations or repeated washings

Reasons Why Businesses Use Wireless Headsets

Everyone knows that communication is essential in every aspect of life. Surely, without clear communication, messages cannot be clearly expressed and needs are compromised. With this said, business owners know that they need to invest in devices and gadgets that can help them improve communication in their business such as headsets.

As of today, business owners can choose from 3 distinct headsets – corded, wireless and Bluetooth. These headsets can definitely provide wonderful features for your business. However, when choosing headsets, price is essential. Buyers should also consider certain factors that can make their businesses more efficient. As a result, the ideal type of headset for businesses is wireless headsets. Listed below are some of the reasons why businesses choose wireless headsets.

Mobility – The most essential factor why businesses choose wireless headsets is mobility. Of course, employees can easily take calls wherever they are in their work area. In addition, even during break times, employees can take calls easily to avoid losing potential clients on the other end of the line.

Productivity – Employees can also have better work flow and increased productivity. This is possible since employees do not need to hold

Can 3D Printing Technology Shape Your Future

Every other day we hear of new technology trends that boggle our minds and forces us to think- How is this possible? And slowly and gradually with the lapse of time we get adapted to the technology making it a part of our everyday lives. Yes, one such technology trend to which you might be completely ignorant as of now but which is bound to become a part of your daily lives in times to come is 3D printing- a new technology I am most excited about.

3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing. In simpler terms, it is a process whereby a real object can be created from a 3D design. It is done by laying down successive layers of material in different shapes. Though this technology may sound a bit too futuristic to some but with HP’s 3D printer much anticipated launch in mid 2014, all your ideas turning into real objects are not that far away.

Is 3D printing the need of the future?
At present, 3D printers are generally slow, and the component they use is costly and inconsistent. But with the advancement of industry, assembly lines could be reduced

The Challenge of SAM Software Asset Management

‘SAM’ happens to be the name of my lovely old Alsatian cross and just thinking about him gives me a ‘warm fuzzy feeling’… SAM also refers to Software Asset Management and in no way does this leave me with the same feeling, in fact quite the opposite. If you’re involved in SAM you will likely have felt the pain of getting your ‘house in order’…

What is SAM?

Managing your licenses can be a tricky business. Licenses come in all shapes and sizes and are not just specific to software, hardware can also come with a host of ‘license-able’ functions. Getting your head around licensing is in itself a challenge, and for anyone involved in SAM the challenge is never underestimated.

SAM is a way of bringing order to chaos by centralising all your license assets in one place. SAM is not simply about acknowledging the 25 copies of Microsoft Project you have purchased. The key part of SAM is ‘Management’. This entails a much broader set of activities for example:

  • Linking and evidencing purchase orders
  • Linking and evidencing delivery notes
  • Linking and evidencing invoices
  • Adding, removing and updating license agreements
  • Managing expiry and renewal dates
  • Identifying where licenses

A Brief Guide To Android Application Stores

Google Play is not the one and only market for Android applications. Many people are incentivized to look for apps outside Google Play for a number of reasons. The main Android market is huge and popular, but on the other hand this makes new apps harder to discover. Alternative markets may include apps that were filtered out from Google Play, country-special apps, or simply be designed for special devices (such as Amazon Appstore).

Alternative application stores has concerns faced by both users and software owners. For users there is an increased risk of getting malware or apps with poor UX. For developers and software owners the problems may hide in terms and conditions of app deployment, as well as piracy issues. Not all alternatives to Google Play are equally useful, but some might be interesting for expanding the area of app distribution.

Google Play Store

We all know the giant Google Play, the primary target of developers’ efforts. Thus it’s not quite necessary to write much about it. Whatever stores you choose for your app, they are most likely to be complementary to this one, which holds more than million apps in its vaults.

Protecting Portable Devices With RFID Technology

High tech companies, developing delicate products with sensitive information, cannot leave their security level to chances. The information stored on the portable equipment, including laptops and tablets, is key for their success and technological breakthroughs. R&D teams may have spent months, and sometimes years, in creating these solutions – and one competitor visit may set them back entirely.

Let’s take a scenario of a large high-tech corporation, several floors high, with an endless number of room and thousands of laptops throughout the facility. Such an organization is likely to have hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors each day. Some may be consultants, some cleaning staff, some business development people, and others just friends of the employees.

Each visitor may be signed at the front, ID cards are exchanged with entrance cards, and the visitor is free to walk in the building. If unaccompanied, the person may start wondering (innocently or otherwise) throughout the facilities, arriving at very sensitive rooms. These rooms contain information vital to the company’s continued success, so much that in the hands of a competitor the company is destroyed.

How security threats are overcome with RFID technology
The system works in

Engage and Connect With Your Customer Using the Digital Signage

Touch screen is the ideal PC interface that is fast replacing the mouse and keyboard. It’s the most preferred form of advertising, replacing the traditional print media. They are easy to install and operate, even for a person with limited computer skills. Touch screen digital signage can be directly displayed using a monitor (LCD/LED/Plasma) by simply mounting them on a wall or a ceiling indoors. In public places, it is mounted in a kiosk for outdoor advertising or information dissemination.

Kiosk, Your Touch Screen Guide

The compact, colorful and attractive terminals found in public places that provide data at the touch of a finger are called Touch Screen Kiosks. These can integrate different types of technology, the most common being the digital signage. Touch Screen Kiosks are used in public places like shopping centers, airports, bus and railway terminals, health care facility, restaurants, museums, fitness centers, spas, retail units, education, art galleries and many more. They are the most ubiquitous information dispensing devices. Shopping centers, airport or rail terminals and huge retail centers are the most confusing places to find one’s way around. The kiosk also acts as way-finding system, mounted with a site plan

GPS Cell Phone Tracking What Does It Mean For You

There’s no denying that cell phone technology has improved each of our lives in meaningful ways. Our phones keep us in touch with friends, plugs us into world news, and even shows us where to go when we’re lost. It’s the last of these – GPS cell phone tracking – that proves the most ethically problematic, and gives smartphone users the most pause. GPS is a nearly indispensable technology, but it also calls into question whether our data is truly our own.

Let’s try to clear up some of the common misconceptions, and we’ll take a look at what remains and whether or not it constitutes a threat to individual privacy and liberty.

To begin with, GPS cell phone tracking is, generally speaking, a technology that the user must opt to use. The other side of that coin is that they are fully capable of opting out by choosing a phone without GPS. Certain phones even allow the user to select which apps and services have access to the GPS, thereby limiting the tracking that occurs.

Aside from providing driving directions, though, what reason would your phone have to track your location? To begin

IT Services Required for a Typical Call Centre

As the name itself suggests, the IT / ITES domain provides services that are either directly related to information technology or information technology enabled services. So, the basic foundation of this industry will always lie on how strong the IT infrastructure of any service provider is. Note that we’re talking of industries like Contact centers BPO, KPO, HRP, RPO, Web Designing and Development etc. In this article I will discuss with you, some of the basic technologies required in the case of voice – based BPOs.

Predictive Dialer Technology

In the predictive dialer technology, there is a telephone control system that calls a list of phone numbers in sequence automatically. It screens out no answers, answering machines, busy signals as well as disconnected numbers. They predict when a human caller can handle the next call. The moment the call is handled, an agent gets to speak to the human.

They are a commonly used technology in collections, surveys, lead generation, telemarketing, appointment fixing and follow ups. Basically this is a typical outbound scenario. The technology claims that it increases the productivity of associates.

This technology is also capable of finding the number of

Configure Xsan in Mavericks Server

The first thing you should do when installing Xsan in any OS, much less Mavericks, is make sure your hostnames are awesome. Forward, reverse, views if you use them, etc. You have to have a dedicated metadata Ethernet network, so you should have a zone entry for both your primary and metadata network interfaces.

You should also have fibre channel and storage configured and ready to use. Given that a lot of storage arrays take a long time to configure these days, I like to actually start that and then do my server setups while my LUNs/arrays are baking.

Setting Up Xsan
Once you have DNS entries, storage and fibre channel connectivity, then you can go ahead and configure Xsan. To do so, first open the Server app and click on Show for Advanced. The last item will be Xsan, so click on the Xsan entry.

You are then prompted for the Xsan Computer Type. Given that this is the beginning of the article, we’re going to assume that we’re configuring the initial Metadata Controller on a new SAN. Therefore, use the Configure as Primary Xsan Metadata Controller entry and then click on Next.

Setting Up Active Directory In Windows Server 2012

Installing Active Directory services is arguably one of the first things done on many a Windows Server. And for well over a decade you could unbox, update, run dcpromo and be done with much of that. While the wizards are still there, in the case of Windows Server 2012, the process has changed ever-so-slightly. To install a domain controller in Windows Server 2012, start with Server Manager. This new tool is the place where you start many a process in a Windows Server now, and Active Directory is no different.

To get started, first open Server Manager.

From Server Manager, click on the Manage menu and select Add Roles and Features. At the Before you begin screen in the Add Roles and Features Wizard, click on Next.

At the Installation Type screen, choose Role-based or feature-based installation and click Next.

At the Server Selection screen, choose the server you’d like to install the Active Directory role on and then click Next. If you only have one server then you should only have one listing here.

There are a number of Roles a domain controller can have. For many environments, a simple Domain

How to Prevent a Paper Jam Inside Your Printer

Loosen your sheets of paper

Many sheets of paper can get stuck to each other, so when you are loading them in the paper tray take a moment to shake and loosen them. You can do this by flicking the corners with your fingers.

Store the paper in a dry and cool area of the house/office

If the pack of paper is kept away from any humidity this will stop the papers from sticking to create a jam.

Try and not overload the sheets of paper in the feeder

This is a common fault and often the main reason that paper jams occur. Overloading the paper tray with more paper than the specified amount can cause lots of paper jams. If you always suffer paper jams try this and it will hopefully solve your problem instantly.

Check the alignment

The majority of printers nowadays allow papers of different sizes and types to be inserted. But if the slider is not correctly aligned for the type of paper in question it can very easily cause a paper jam. So always check that the tray is correctly aligned.

What type of

What Is a VPN And How It Can Benefit You

VPN short for Virtual Private Network is a group of computers that are connected together over a public network such as the internet. There are many benefits that are associated with the use of a VPN and in this article we will be focusing on how it can help you get around internet censorship and protect your internet privacy.

In essence, when connecting to a VPN your data is encrypted from your computer to the VPN provider and any entity that is censoring certain sites will not be able to determine which site you are connected to. For example if there are restrictions to social media sites such as Twitter, the filtering entity will not be able to determine whether you are accessing Twitter or not since your connection is encrypted.

Similarly given that your data is encrypted between your computer and the VPN provider, your internet privacy will be guaranteed. It will be difficult for any entity that is eavesdropping on you to find out which sites you are accessing and get accessed to your data. In most cases your data will be protected and you will be safe from prying eyes.


Guidelines for Purchasing and Selling Used Cell Phones From The Internet on the Go

Since the various models of the smart phones have actually been around for some time, lots of people intend to “update” via a dealer (which means getting nearly nothing for your old phone, just like that trade-in of your old vehicle for a newer one). The option is to sell your old phone or even acquire a less costly used one on eBay or Craigslist. Here are some suggestions on ways to do this safely and thoroughly.

1. Meet the individual that wants to buy or sell you a phone in a public spot so the phone can be tried out if feasible. You need to check that the phone can navigate through various functions swiftly and that all essential settings and other functions exist.

2. It’s necessary to make sure the phone has not been stolen or lost by going to Not only do you intend to have a “clean” phone but if a device has been blacklisted, most providers will certainly not activate the phone. A lot of phones will show the identification number under Settings, but it is additionally in the battery compartment. Take the phone to any kind of dealer

The Importance of Computer Recycling Services

If you have owned a personal computer before, then you will confess that it is quite difficult to bear the pain that comes with seeing your own PC develop a serious fault. For example, suppose your laptop crushes and you hardly know what to do. This might be a very excruciating experience, especially if you had planned to use your computer. You might be forced to resort to buying a new computer if a situation similar to the one described above happened to you. But, is it always a good idea to buy a new machine each time the current one develops a fault? The answer to this question can be yes or no. actually, the response depends on the context being used by the person who is responding to the question. On the other hand, the answer to the question above may also depend on how the person responding to the question perceives the matter. Buying a new computer after your current PC has developed a very serious fault may not be such a bad idea. However, the matter of interest is how you dispose of your old computer.

When you have prospects of disposing

Up And Running, Now What Optimizing Functionality With Your Internal IT Solutions

When running an organization in any industry, it’s critical to implement functional and efficient internal IT solutions. Websites, CRM databases and mobile applications are just some of the many IT solutions to consider when systematically building your company’s technology infrastructure. By partnering with a professional technical firm to design customized final IT solutions, you’re not only equipping your business to run as efficiently as possible, you’re also helping your company edge out the competition by having a better understanding of what’s going on in the marketplace as well as having a faster response time to your customer base.

Implementing Your Internal IT Solutions Is Only The First Step Towards Ultimate Success

Of course, any business owner who has incorporated customized IT solutions within an organization understands firsthand that going live with new technologies is only the first step towards ultimate corporate success. In order to truly maximize the efficiency and overall utilization of every system implemented, it’s important to create a plan for your internal employees that helps deliver long term, sustainable results.

Working with an IT solutions team that offers extended support and assistance can play a critical role in how successfully your

What You or Your IT Department Should Do Right Now to Secure Windows XP

For your home or work computers…

We have all heard dire warnings (mostly from Microsoft and computer sales people) regarding how dangerous and irresponsible you are if you dare to keep your Windows XP machines running for another day without upgrading or replacing them immediately, and even though these warnings are usually accompanied by an offer to sell you upgrade licenses or new machines we still tend to take them very seriously. Very recently, we’ve been shown just how serious that can become…

Why? A “zero day” (meaning something completely unprotected against by either antivirus or other means) vulnerability was discovered within most versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that could allow someone to remotely control your computer using your own security privileges.

Sounds pretty scary, right? Panic did set in quite quickly…

The Director of Homeland security last week set the new record for the quickest over-the-top public display of sheer panic by telling the public at large to stop using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer completely and recommended everyone immediately switch to Firefox or Chrome.

Who wouldn’t take them seriously? Everyone keeps telling you how every hacker on the planet is now targeting